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3 REASONS a Hand Painted Rollable Styling Mat is a MUST

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3 REASONS a Hand Painted Rollable Styling Mat is a MUST


In a world full of products that promise to give you better results, and change your business, its extremely hard to sort through all of that information and figure out what you really NEED. In the wedding world, quality photographs are essential. Here are THREE REASONS as to why a rollable, hand painted styling mat is a MUST!

1. Create a ONE OF A KIND look.

It's important to photograph and remember the details of the couple's big day so that they can enjoy them later on. When you photography details are paired with a custom hand painted surface, you can move your flat lay items around the mat to flow with custom surface that was designed just for them! Hand-painted, and custom create a gorgeous look that can't be copied. The texture on the mat can also make the paper goods and styling accessories POP!


2. Beautifully tell the FULL STORY.

When you bring a styling mat to a wedding or styled shoot, the paint strokes and colored background really enhances the beauty of the of the items. A local photographer said " These images can now fit side by side in a wedding album to elegantly tell the full story of a wedding day." 



These beautiful rollable surfaces provide the perfect flat lay backdrop wherever you go! This way, when photographing, you are not stressed about what to set your items up on, because the surface is rollable and easy to take with you wherever you go!


Seriously friends, grab one here, and get ready to style the most beautiful details!

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