The Best Photography Backdrops for Any Occasion

May 25, 2022

Paper backdrops are great, but they don’t always give us the look we want. Continue reading to learn more!

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Between studio photography and shoots happening all over in spaces like airbnb’s and Peerspace, there are many opportunities to make your work stand out. 

These pop-up demands create more and more of a need for products that are more versatile so you can easily switch between a brand session, styled shoot, Photo Booth, or bridal shower session.

Products and equipment aren’t the only pain point, however. Choosing a location for a session or event can be super stressful if you don’t have a picture perfect studio.

I’ve discovered that photographers, planners, and many other creatives are looking for new options that help to show and convey their brand and help them to create beautiful photographs, and show off their skills. 

A versatile backdrop can take away a lot of this stress and transform any room into a photographer’s dream!

Continue reading to learn more about the versatility of photography backdrops and to discover the perfect backdrop for any occasion. 

6 Reasons Why Hand-Painted Backdrops are the Best Photography Backdrops for Any Occasion

best photography backdrops studio photography

There are a variety of backdrops on the market including solid paper backdrops and even vinyl backdrops, but these options will only get you so far.

Hand-painted backdrops, however, provide an upscale, artistic, and fine art look which cannot be achieved using the mainstream, affordable options you’ll find on Amazon. 

Hand-painted backdrops are amazing, and changing up the background in the same photoshoot can give you many options for photos in the same amount of time. There are many reasons for you to use a backdrop for a shoot, but here are just a few!

1. Portraits

Hand-painted backdrops can help you achieve great portraits which give an artistic and upscale look to any photo. Your clients are looking for an elevated look and are tired of the same old plain, paper-patterned mass produced options your competitors are using.

While hand-painted backdrops can be utilized for any occasion, they really shine when it comes to taking corporate headshots, branding photoshoots, and bridal portraits. 

2. Product Photography

best photography backdrops product photography white shoes

This is one of my personal favorites. Using a hand painted backdrop for your product photography can create a pattern of consistency in an online store such as Shopify or Etsy. It also helps tie your brand together. 

The backdrops are easy to unroll, prep, and use with small or large products for online catalogs. You can photograph clothing, florals, beauty products, or anything else that you need to create a consistent look for both your brand identity and products.

3. Location Shoots

best photography backdrops studio photography

On-location shoots are favorites among many photographers, planners, and creative directors. The images that are planned out may sound beautiful and dreamy, but often factors like weather and on-site issues can create conditions that leave much to be desired. 

If pouring rain forces you to move your outside session indoors, you’ll be forced to use a room which may or may not be conducive to the luxury session you and your client had in mind. Having a photography backdrop on hand will help ensure that you can help you achieve the same luxury standard! 

Likewise, if you find that the location is plagued with bad lighting, red/orange brick, or outdated features, backdrops will simplify the shoot and create consistency between the outside and inside venues. 

For location-specific shoots, when it comes to selecting the right color backdrop, draw inspiration from the colors, materials, and details from the the products, clothing, place settings, tablecloths, material, wallpaper, or even small details like jewelry, or shoes.

4. Food Photography

Having a rollable surface ready to go is a great option for food photography because they are easy to travel with and simple to unroll and stage. No heavy countertops are needed, and there are no awkward boards to carry around.

Hand-painted backdrops look stunning in both natural light and a fancy lighting set up. Go with a lot of contrast with a black backdrop or a super light backdrop which will make the food stand out all while showing off the artistic look of the hand-painted brushstrokes of the backdrop.

5. Wedding Photography

best photography backdrops wedding photography Washington DC

Wedding details, wedding portraits, and even backdrops for the front of the ceremony are all staples in the wedding industry. Hand-painted backdrops can be useful for all three of these! 

For wedding details such as shoes, invitation suites, jewelry, family heirlooms, vow books, and other treasures, the window and timeline to take these photos is often very narrow. Backdrops are easy to unroll and set up so that you can honor the timeline of the wedding and quickly make adjustments as needed. 

Likewise, a photographer cannot always predict the look of the room, so the rollable backdrop helps to create a look that is consistent through every shot in a color which is consistent with the wedding look and decor. 

For wedding portraits, the hand-painted backdrops can help to either tie the wedding together if the location has a fine art appeal, or it can help to elevate the wedding photo album with some portraits that will have a classic feel that will last a lifetime. The front of a ceremony can also be dressed up with a backdrop and florals. 

6. Studio Space

Hand-painted photography backdrops are great for studios because they give an artistic and upscale look no matter the location or look of the studio.

Hand-painted backdrops provide you with options that a plain or paper backdrop simply can’t. Having custom options can help your studio stand out against your competitors and therefore elevate your brand. By providing a space that allows people to come to your studio with many options, you’ll attract more customers and give your studio a luxury option. 

What Photography Backdrop is Right for You?

So, what do you think?

I love options and am always up to hear what will give my clients and customers a better client experience. I want to see the needs out there and fill them because let’s face it, paper backdrops are great, and finding great locations to shoot at are also amazing — but they don’t always give us the looks we want. Sometimes the weather is bad, or something in the day just doesn’t go as planned. Who doesn’t want options? Hand painted backdrops are unique, refreshing, artistic, luxury, and STUNNING.

I would love to hear from you with any questions you have regarding the backdrops or even a custom project you may have an idea for! I have backdrops available to rent and I do hand paint large pieces upon request. 

Please come back and continue to follow along on our journey!

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