How to Rent and Care for Your Studio Rental Backdrops

June 13, 2022

Elevate your photography without breaking the bank with these studio rental backdrops.

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Have you been thinking about using a backdrop for a photoshoot? Today there are so many options–paper backdrops, digital backdrops, blackstar backdrops, and even digital backdrops.

However, if you want the unique look in the background of your photos, layouts, flat lays, all while getting consistency that also comes with texture, you need to think about a hand painted one! Why not add something that is beautiful and bespoke to your work!

studio rental backdrops bridal portraits

But first, a quick introduction. Hi there! I’m Katrina, an artist, creative, wife, and mom who LOVES to paint and design with her hands. I hand paint styling mats and backdrops, and am passionate about painting work that artistically enhances editorials, weddings, events, and brands. I currently live in Spain, but ship backdrops and styling mats back to the good ole’ USA often. Continue reading to learn more about how to rent a custom, hand-painted backdrop for your next studio session. 

How to Rent a Studio Backdrop at Lindale Studios

I’m here to talk to you about an option outside the norm. While I absolutely love it when a client places a custom order, I also realize that it is an investment.  Even though the custom ones are a great option, RENTING a backdrop is also a really good choice. Rentals are super helpful when using a backdrop for a one-time photo need. It may be a branding shoot, a wedding, or even a self portrait series! This second option is also really helpful when thinking about investing in a large custom backdrop.

How Often Do You Release New Collections? 

studio rental backdrops bridal portraits

At this time, Lindale Studios has a set of rental backdrops that are available upon request unless they are already booked. I’m hoping to release new backdrops on a normal basis! 

Can You Make Custom Backdrops? 

I love custom canvas backdrops! With a custom order, you can fill out the contact form, ask about having a canvas backdrop painted, and you will receive a digital file that shares all the details of my process and pricing. Many hours have gone into developing a good and quality process for me and my clients, and custom gives many options.

How Do I Care for My Backdrop? 

studio rental backdrops wedding photography

This is a great question! First I want to explain what materials I use which will help explain how to do this.

I use quality materials, so you don’t have to worry about the paint cracking or anything like that. For the larger backdrops, I use a lighter material acrylic/cotton mix canvas. It’s lighter on a large roll, and just as flexible. Because I use a quality gesso, and I use acrylic, the backdrop is very easy to lightly wipe down, and it will not change the texture, whether the subtle or heavy, and it will not change the coloring. 

To avoid damage, always store your backdrop rolled up if it’s not hanging up. Store it in a dry place. This way when you unroll it, or get ready to travel with it, it is ready to go and nice and smooth. When hanging, use a backdrop stand with strong clamps, and drape it about 4-6” over the backdrop rod before clamping with 3-4 clamps. 

How Do I Get My Backdrop? 

bridal portraits in Washington DC


Once the contract is signed, and the backdrop is painted and approved, it will be shipped to the location provided on the contract by the client.


After inquiring about the backdrop color you want and the date of your event, you will receive a contract and an invoice for the backdrop rental. Your invoice will also include shipping to whichever location you specify. Once you receive the backdrop, you will find a prepaid shipping label in the box, so you can easily return the backdrop within 2 days after the event. 

Explore Our Available Studio Rental Backdrops

wedding photographer resources

The backdrops are available for you to see on the website right now!  We currently have beautiful colors so you can get a taste of the luxury, hand-painted look and try it out. Click here and check out the options we have right now, and please inquire to see if your color choice is available. Do you have any questions, ask away! 

I’m so excited to see what you create with a custom backdrop or a rental! 

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